Is This What You Want From Housebuilders?

In this week’s Home Energy episode we revisit a rather sunny day in Wales! In 2020 Robert visited Parc Eirin, a housing development in Tonyrefail, Wales, where developers Sero were building 225 eco homes.

This pioneering development is 100% gas free, with each house having solar PV built in, batteries and ground source heating.

This really is how houses should be being built now, providing long term energy cost savings as well as having a positive impact on the environment.

We’re hoping to return to Parc Eirin for an update, so do keep an eye out for that future episode.

Find out more about Sero Homes.

Technologies include:


0:00 Intro
1:11 Sero’s vision of the Future
2:09 Technology Overview
3:12 Changing Behaviour
4:51 Construction Costs
6:55 Heat from 170 meters down
9:30 Becoming Net Zero
12:06 a completely different home
12:52 What are the benefits?
13:31 part of the Energy Grid
14:42 No retrofit pain
15:59 The Building Energy Engine
18:42 Reduce, Balance, Generate
20:05 Outro

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