Is Infrared Heating the Holy Grail of Electric Heating?

The chances are you’ve probably been in a room recently that has infrared heating but you haven’t quite realised it! Infrared heating is becoming more and more popular clean energy heating solution where a heat pump might not be the right option or as a replacement for your traditional gas system

Last week Imogen and the team went to visit St Matthew’s Church in Bristol to find out about the Halo heritage heater which uses far infrared to provide efficient electric heating for historic buildings. This was followed by a trip to the Herschel factory where we got a glimpse at a Halo being made!

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0:00 Intro
0:27 Heating Old Buildings
1:03 Energy Efficiency and Planning
1:35 How did the Halo Heater come about?
2:19 What is Infrared Heating?
3:41 Net Zero Targets and Savings!
4:52 The Halo at All Saints, Martlock
5:50 Herschel’s Factory
6:25 The Production Process
8:07 Bespoke Designs
9:23 Industrial and Commercial Spaces
9:53 British Manufacturing
11:01 Old Buildings, New Tech!

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