This Lab Stress Tests Homes of the Future in EXTREME Conditions!

We know homes need to be more efficient and sustainable – but how do things like insulation, ventilation, sustainable building materials or renewable energy sources actually solutions get tested and how do we know if they’re actually going to make a difference? Energy House Project 2 at Salford University has the answer!

In this episode we visited they’re very unique testing facility which puts new homes and home energy technology through their paces. Inside, two environmental chambers capable of accommodating two detached houses, recreate a wide variety of weather conditions with temperatures ranging between -20˚C to +40˚C and simulate wind, rain, snow and solar radiation.

We took a look around to find out how this helps upgrade and future-proof homes and energy technologies! @EverythingElectricShow @fullychargedshow


0:00 It’s -5 degrees!
0:21 Energy House Project 2
1:15 Inside the chambers
1:52 Extreme Testing Conditions?
2:44 Future-Proofing?!
4:11 Testing Tech
5:19 Technology for Refugee Camps
6:00 Flat Pack house!
6:33 What about existing homes?
8:20 Something for everyone
8:59 Outtakes…!

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