Why Hydrogen Could Beat Batteries to Zero Emission Flight!

In this episode, Imogen went to an airfield tucked away in the Cotswolds, UK to find out how ZeroAvia are making the world’s biggest zero emission plane possible and to find out why they’re betting on hydrogen over battery flight technology.

Flights without a massive carbon footprint is possibly every eco minded tourist’s dream. Fortunately, they may be on the horizon thanks to efforts from companies like ZeroAvia who are developing hydrogen fuel cell planes.

Fasten your seatbelt and put your seat in the upright position to prepare for take off!


0:00 A little bit sceptical
0:47 Hugely ambitious and extremely problematic
1:17 Sustainable Aviation Fuels
1:52 Hydrogen vs Batteries
3:38 Retrofitting planes
4:04 How does it work?
5:22 Lopsided?
6:33 The contentious bit and more stats
8:44 Putting it to the test
10:20 Mini Power Plant?
11:22 What’s next?
12:10 In it for the long haul?
13:41 Not that impressive or making history?

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