The world's FIRST vertiport – the temporary airport delivering aid!

Imogen visits the first vertiport in the world and meets the team helping to shape the future of air mobility.

If drones and eVTOL are to become an everyday part of our lives, they’re going to need a lot of places to take off and land from.

Luckily there are a few companies designing urban airports or ‘vertiports’ and thinking about how they should best fit into cities. One such company is Urban-Air Port Ltd who built a version right in the heart of Coventry UK.

Unusually, they have opted to make these new bits of infrastructure temporary in order to see if eVTOL and drones could be used to support communities in need.


0:00 An airport in a car park?!
1:17 What is an urban airport?
2:29 Seamless Mobility?
5:14 How will eVTOL be used?
6:49 Temporary?
8:15 Who is this for?
10:19 Is it niche?
11:35 What’s next?
12:50 Concluding thoughts

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