The World's FIRST commercial electric plane – Robert takes to the skies!

Top Gun may have Tom Cruise, but the Fully Charged Show has Robert Llewellyn AND an ELECTRIC plane!

Join Robert as he takes to the skies to experience first hand the world’s first commercial battery powered electric plane and steps into the third era of aviation!


00:19 Mr Llewellyn – your plane awaits
01:18 Only one in the world!
04:20 A bit gusty
04:30 TAKE OFF!!
05:30 Designed for training pilots
06:30 The same weight as a piston plane
08:00 A bit on the limit
09:00 Like a Nissan Leaf!
09:30 How to charge a plane
10:30 Cheaper?
14:00 Silent flight
15:00 The airfield charging network
17:10 A top day out!

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