Toyota Recall, Energy Superhub and Panda Power

In this latest news packed episode Robert Llewellyn reports on a Toyota Recall, an Energy Superhub, Fully Charged LIVE US and more…

Join Robert for this month’s Almost Breaking News as he tackles recent news stories ranging from batteries made of dope, another electric shock for Toyota, festival charging and a Frenchman’s fear of electric cars.


00:21 Coming up
01:04 Fully Charged LIVE US
02:16 Europe’s charger dominance
03:36 Imogen, can you hear me?
05:19 That’s dope man
07:30 Everybody needs good neighbours
08:51 More pain for Toyota
12:31 Fiat Electrified
14:00 Ioniq 6 – Nice!
14:16 VW ID. Aero
16:03 Glastonbury charging
18:27 One very last thing

Link to news stories

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