Toyota Batteries, Australia Negativity & COP Out – Almost Breaking News

Robert’s back with the final Almost Breaking News of 2022 and he’s ending the year on a high with a host of positive stories including some good news from Toyota, a sell-out for the Ioniq 6, Honda’s new solid state batteries and dynamic public charging across Europe.


0:00 So many positive stories!
01:28 Tasty Toyota
03:14 Hyundai In Demand
03:50 Solid State Of Mind
05:10 Shine A Light
08:05 Thrifty PV
10:39 Rivian’s Recall
11:46 Tata Goes Turbo
12:03 Continental Charging
13:55 A Giga-watt, mate?
15:26 COP-Out 27!
17:43 Patreon Thank Yous!

Links to the News Stories

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