The Perfect Boiler Replacement? Tepeo's Zero Emission Boiler

For this product showcase we spoke to Johan Du Plessis, CEO and founder of tepeo, to learn about tepeo’s Zero Emission Boiler (ZEB®) and to find out if this could be the perfect boiler replacement.

The ZEB is a plug-in replacement for a fossil fuel boiler – helping people (like Robert) get off of gas and oil with minimal changes to their home.

Using off-peak electricity, tepeo’s ZEB charges up when electricity is cheaper and greener, releasing heat to your existing radiators & hot water system just like a boiler – at high flow temperatures if needed.

The ZEB’s intelligent charging algorithm looks at your tariff, the weather, the grid carbon intensity and how much heat your home uses to automatically charge up – keeping running costs & carbon low, while also avoiding wasted heat.

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