Switch Sooner – EV Leasing Re-Imagined

In our latest showcase episode Robert speaks with Olly Jones, co-founder & Managing Director of elmo – one of the leading electric car subscription companies.

Buying or leasing a car is a big commitment – especially if you’re considering going electric for the first time. elmo believes it can make switching easy, for everyone.Olly explains how elmo’s innovative model is helping people switch sooner, along with sharing some of the key differences between leasing vs subscribing, the main barriers to EV adoption and a little bit about the wider EV landscape. One not to be missed!

With elmo, you can subscribe to an electric car of your choice. But what is a car subscription? Unlike a traditional car lease, there’s no hefty deposit to pay and no
long contract (you just give 30 days’ notice to swap car or stop entirely). On top of that the subscription package includes everything you need to run the car from insurance and breakdown to tyres and tax.

You just book online in 5 minutes, get approved within one working day, elmo deliver to your door on the agreed date and you’re ready to go!

Curious about which EV might be right for you? Try out elmo’s free Suitability Tool to find out.

For more information, please visit – www.elmodrive.com

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