ENERGY BILL SAVINGS – Zero Carbon Megawatts

In this showcase episode Robert speaks with Sarah Merrick, Founder and CEO of Ripple Energy to find out how things have been going since the launch of their ground-breaking business proposition to create the world’s first publicly owned cooperative wind turbine and generate energy bill savings.

Ripple enables you to part own a large-scale wind farm or solar park to power your home. As wind and solar are the cheapest sources of power in the UK, when you own the source, you own the low-cost green power. Simple. So members not only get clean, green energy supplied to their home (via the grid and by Ripple’s supply partners), but they save too.

The difference between the volatile wholesale price of electricity and the low operating cost of the wind farm is passed on to members on their bills each month for every bit of the wind farm/solar park they own. So higher prices mean greater savings and faster payback for Ripple members. The net effect is to lock in cheaper, stabilising your electricity bills for the long term.

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