Talking About Our Generation – Young People Put The Experts On The Spot For COP26

COP26 in Glasgow could, and should, mark a defining moment for the planet. A moment where we stop talking about what we need to do and take positive action to redefine our energy future. But what does this future look like through the eyes of the next generation?

In this special episode commissioned by National Grid, we bring together young people passionate about making a difference with experts in the fields of energy and transport to answer questions about what the world will look like if we don’t change what we are doing.

We have made significant steps in the right direction over the last decade, with wind and solar now accounting for 25% of our power in the UK. But what can we do over the next decade to move us even further towards a world powered by renewable energy.

There are no easy answers but these discussions are so important, as well as the actions that follow, if we want to leave a bright future for the future generations.

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