#StopBurningStuff – A special episode ahead of the UN Climate Change Convention (COP26)

In this special Premiere ahead of COP26 we seek to ignite a movement and encourage people to act, to #StopBurningStuff.

When it comes to the climate crisis, it’s simply not true to say that there is no hope.

Hope exists in the form of a select few technologies. Where the problem lies is in choosing the correct solutions, and in deploying those solutions at a speed proportionate to this almost overwhelmingly large problem.

When it comes to carbon emissions, the principal cause of global heating, and in turn, of the climate emergency, is the combustion of fossil fuels. We wanted to take the opportunity that COP26 gives us to ignite a movement and encourage people to act, to #StopBurningStuff.

Partnering with some of the most pioneering businesses based in Britain, we have created a #StopBurningStuff YouTube Première and a Shareable PDF so you can spread the word about the handful of technologies that are ready for primetime.

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