People from Sunderland are not Geordies! Robert's due to meet with HR imminently – It's August ABN!

This week’s episode is your regular monthly Almost Breaking News update from Robert including a certain Tesla Cybertruck!

With the bleep machine working overtime as Robert calls out more Press inaccuracies and FUD. News on the Tesla Cybertruck’s ‘imminent’ arrival, something sizable is being built in Somerset, UK, devastating Canadian wildfires and Robert goes for a Blue Cruise.


0:00 Intro
0:35 Welcome Headlines
1:42 Smelly Stories
4:08 How To Charge Posh
5:15 Tata Go Giga
6:36 Where is the Cybertruck
7:43 Wales Gets Electric
9:36 Lightning Discounts
11:28 Tesla Energy
14:04 Canada Burns
16:25 Take A Taur
17:55 Cleaner Concrete
19:54 Hands Free Robert

Links to the News Stories

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