Inside Robert Llewellyn’s Off-Grid Eco Home

In recent months, armed with the promise of reducing pressures on both budgets and the environment, home energy solutions have been thrown firmly into the spotlight amidst the rising cost of living crisis.

However for Robert, his foray into renewable home energy began 30 years ago, and since then his house has been a playground to test a wide variety of sustainable technologies.

Earlier this year he said goodbye to his last source of fossil fuel allowing his home to run carbon free and for extensive periods off grid. From Solar Panels, Tesla Powerwalls, MyEnergi, Zappi, Tepeo and Mixergy Tank and a good dose of insulation – Robert takes us on a tour of his home an and spills the beans on his experiences as well as the home energy dos and don’ts!


0:00 Come on in!
1:02 More important than ever!
1:23 A history of Bobby’s house
2:00 So much solar!
5:11 Energy storage
9:54 Energy Usage
10:22 Heating the house
13:12 Hot water?
14:21 Lighting and Kitchen appliances
15:42 Heating the FC studio
16:19 Insulation, insulation, insulation!
17:10 Payback time?
18:32 The most important thing?
19:49 Annual energy usage?
22:08 Thanks Bob!

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