Green Wins or Greenwash? A Special Round-Up Episode From COP26

Has COP26 delivered green wins or more greenwash? Robert returns for a news special direct from Glasgow.

Robert is back with a very special COP26 news episode filmed in Glasgow this week joined by the wonderful Euan McTurk.

From questionable stories about private jets flying rich people to Glasgow, to reports of a staggeringly high number of fossil fuel lobbyists attending, this episode is packed full of news around the event. Robert also looks at the recent gas crisis in the UK and asks if iron air batteries could be the future.

Let us know what you think below – has COP26 delivered some green wins or just more greenwashing?

Footage courtesy of Generate Media.

Links to the featured stories

Questionable news about private jets

Fossil fuel lobbyists

Gas Crisis

Iron Air battery


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