Ecotricity & Gridserve Exclusive! – New partnership to power up the Electric Highway

Breaking, new and positive news about the future of the UK electric highway in this exclusive episode.

In this ‘Exclusive Newsflash’, Fully Charged gets to break a big story for British electric car charging. While the network is not perfect, we think that sometimes it’s given a bad press by those outside of the industry. One thing is inarguable though as technology has accelerated, charging infrastructure on the motorway network has aged. We’ve known for some time that ECOTRICITY was working hard behind the scenes to rectify that, but now through partnering with GRIDSERVE, the ‘Electric Highway’ is going to get the turbo-charge it so richly deserves.

The transformation work has two elements – already underway. Firstly, all existing chargers will be replaced with new technology, doubling the capacity – offering all three connection types (CCS, CHAdeMO, and AC) and contactless payment. Secondly – a further 6 to 12 pumps of the all-new 350kW high power standard will be installed. Funding for the program is being provided by Hitachi Capital (UK) PLC, also a shareholder in GRIDSERVE.

So while we still feel the car companies need to bring many more £10-20k electric vehicles to market, the excuses to put off your first electric car purchase are running out!

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