De Stille Boot – Silent Boats?

For this episode we spoke to Marcel Schaap, CEO and co-founder of De Stille Boot, to learn more about electric boating.

As is the case on the road, electric boating is on the rise on a global scale, both in recreational boating and for professional users. De Stille Boot supplies electric drive trains for these boats to a variety of boat builders.

To make the installation easy for their customers, De Stille Boot creates complete systems, from the motors and batteries down to energy and charging systems. They work with brands such as Torqeedo and WaterWorld drive trains, Solbian flexible solar panels, Genasun solar chargers, Simarine and Sentinel (remote) monitoring systems and Ratio charging systems.

All the know-how that they have acquired over the years is used for educating and training their customers. It is also put to good use in the broader mobile energy market, where they operate under the name of DSB Power.

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