Co Charger – No Driveway, No Problem!

Robert finds out how Co Charger could have the answer to home charging if you have no driveway in this new showcase.

We were delighted to find out more about Co Charger’s unique community charging scheme from CEO Joel Teague in this new showcase.

Co Charger gives motorists with home charge points the opportunity to share them with a few neighbours, enabling them to make the transition to an electric vehicle sooner. The Co Charger app looks after the ‘matchmaking’ between people with charge points and those people who have an electric vehicle, or are considering buying one but aren’t able to charge at home.

There are currently around 35,000 public chargers available – but over 300,000 home chargers. By making even a percentage of home chargers available by sharing them with neighbours, electric vehicle uptake can be accelerated.

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