BREKR – Ride into the Future

For this product showcase we spoke to Niels Willems, Founder and Commercial Director of Brekr, to learn about the Brekr Model B, a new electric bike (45 km per hour) with a striking design.

The Brekr Model B has several unique features. Its design which combines yesteryears with today and tomorrows’ design. With no gas tank, because is runs on electricity, and the design always placing the batteries as low as possible, this gives a low point of gravity and great riding characteristics.

Other special features include the unique sound. It can be switched on or off and goes up in pitch and volume as you accelerate. It warns cyclists and pedestrians as the bike approaches and therefore provides comfort and reassurance to the Brekr rider. More interesting features are mentioned in the video.

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Try the Brekr Model B at Fully Charged LIVE Amsterdam!

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