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Kicking of 2023 in style, Robert brings us all the latest news stories from an eco pod in downtown Brisbane in this special Australian edition of ABN.

As the transition to electrification ramps up down under Robert takes a look at all the current stories including why wood pellets are no longer green, the roll out of long duel charging, Sydney’s new electric bus fleet, and CAT’s new big battery boulder buster. He also shares the very long list of new EVs set to hit Australian shores in 2023.

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0:00 Live from the beach
2:46 Wood Pellets Declassified!
4:52 Long Duel Charging
7:02 Sydney’s Electric Bus Fleet
9:21 A big battery boulder buster
12:32 The Aussie’s like a Tesla
13:12 New EVs Coming To Australia
15:17 Leaf powered Vineyard

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