World's FIRST Solar Powered Campervan!

Robert can’t help but smile as he checks out the world’s first solar powered campervan!

Stella Vita is the World’s first ever solar powered campervan capable of a staggering 600 Km on a single charge! Aptly described as a “self-sustaining house on wheels” it comes kitted out with a double bed, sofa, kitchen area, a shower, sink and toilet! This could just be the perfect way to go off-grid…! Robert went to meet the engineers at Eindhoven University of Technology to see it for himself.


0:00 A solar powered campervan?!
1:20 A 3000Km road trip
3:55 Better than the back of a Tesla
4:38 Back to Uni
6:40 600Km of range
7:12 Everything is lightweight
8:51 Experimental but comfortable
9:44 Key design elements
10:43 Built in this room
11:35 Robert makes his bid
12:02 Arriving in Tarifa
12:50 Can we buy one?
13:30 Bobby’s outro

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