Why the IDEAL Delivery Van is SMALLER Than You Think!

Robert meets the Mushoshi, is this compact three wheeler the answer to congestion, last mile logistics and the ideal Delivery Van?

E-commerce has transformed our cities. 1 in 10 people in the UK rely on a van for work, whilst worldwide, big logistics companies pay millions of dollars each year in parking vans. With heavy traffic and limited parking is it time for a much smaller and simpler solution?!

Robert went to meet Musoshi, the company behind this cute, cheap and slightly bizarre three wheeler to find out!


0:00 Hello!
0:40 Introducing Musoshi
01:50 Three Wheels?!
03:00 Made by people who deliver stuff
03:30 Expectations have changed
04:00 The perfect size
05:00 The stats!
06:00 Many more Musoshis!
06:42 Robert takes it for a spin
07:34 It’s quite nippy!
08:35 Nice and basic
09:25 Already on the road around Europe!
10:13 Can we buy one?
10:32 Concluding thoughts

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