Will Apple, Toyota or VW be Tesla's biggest competitor? + more

Robert’s back with the first news episode of 2021 asking who might be Tesla’s biggest competitor as well as a whole host of other positive news stories.

Here is the first Fully Charged news episode of 2021 and we’ve tried hard to focus on the positive stories to help balance the abundance of negative news in the wider world.

As a starter for 10, Fully Charged OUTSIDE will (we very much hope) be returning this year to Farnborough (UK) in June and Fully Charged LIVE will be launching in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) in October.

More information on these shows can be found here.

In other news, while technology giant Apple looks to be on the cusp of starting to make electric cars, the sales of Volkswagen’s EVs look like they are being limited by the car dealerships. We could also be reaching the tipping point for electric car pricing with news that battery cell prices have finally fallen below $100 per kWh and America is trialing a (small) number of fully electric school buses.

There’s also a sneaky Bobby’s Book Review thrown in, signs that Toyota are making their first steps in the EV market and news that Airbus have designed pods that could be the blueprint for future hydrogen aircraft.

Links to the stories covered


0:00  First FC news of 2021
0:34  Two LIVE shows
0:59  Positive news
2:00  Enough hugs for Mrs L
2:14  Apple EV?
4:14  Tesla competition?
4:53   VW dealers limiting sales?
6:48  Pathetically rubbish combustion engines
8:12  Battery cell price fall
10:11  Tipping point in 2023
12:01  Full rant coming on FC Plus
12:11  Electric school buses
13:43  5 good, but 850,000 better
14:16   Bobby’s book review
14:36   Plug for podcast
15:39  Toyota electric first steps
17:29  Recommended reading
18:02  Airbus Hydrogen pods
18:39  Flying aircraft that don’t burn fuel?
19:14  Rolls Royce nuclear power plants
21:26  Patreon thank yous!
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