What is Fully Charged?

As we approach our 10 year birthday, find out more about Fully Charged and how you can help us.

Nearly 10 years in the making, and not only are we still here, but the technologies we love have started to win the world over.

There is only one problem, we are struggling to keep up.

This episode is an insight into what Fully Charged is and how you can help us keep up, after all, the next 10 years should be nothing short of extraordinary.

The ways in which you can support Fully Charged and protect our independent content, include:

  • PATREON – you can contribute a small amount of money on a monthly basis, via this link
  • TICKETS – book yours to Fully Charged LIVE UK
  • MERCHANDISE – get your Fully Charged branded apparel and accessories (could be available by Xmas if you’re quick), via our Store
  • GUIDE TO ELECTRIC VEHICLES & CLEAN ENERGY – to order a copy (probably won’t arrive by Xmas) click here