Texas Turbines, Cheapest Chinese EV & New Event Dates

Robert’s back with his views on two recent news stories including Texas turbines as well as our new event dates for the return of Fully Charged LIVE!

In this news update Robert looks at two recent stories that have caught his eye and has an exciting announcement about the return of our LIVE shows in the UK, in Europe, in North America and in Australia – strewth!

Expect an entirely justified rant as he looks at the truth behind the story that the big Texas freeze was caused entirely by frozen wind turbines, and news of a £3k Chinese EV which is guaranteed to shake up the electric vehicle market if it arrives in Europe.

For enquiries on our Fully Charged LIVE events, email: Live@FullyCharged.Show.

The beautiful Fully Charged OUTSIDE animation was designed by the brilliant team at Box Bear Digital.

Links to the news stories


Chinese micro mini


0:00 Amsterdam, Austin, Australia & ‘Ampshire
3:41 Tall Tales from Texas
10:10 China’s Cheapest EV

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