Tesla, Nissan, Nuclear and 'we're going to need a bigger boat!’

This new ‘Almost Breaking News’ is jam-packed with recent stories that have caught Robert’s eye including big turbines, big boats, fusion and nuclear power, electric bikes in India, Tesla’s growing workforce and news that Nissan is getting ready to stop making combustion cars.

Oh, and we’ve thrown in a famous Robert Rant for good measure. Enjoy!


0:00 Here we go
1:00 More live shows coming
2:24 Tesla Drive-In
3:14 Ford Puma
3:40 Big wind turbines
6:16 Big boats
7:56 Rant Alert!
11:00 Faraday & Fusion
14:28 Nuclear sites in France
17:09 Indian electric bikes
18:38 Nissan news
19:28 Tesla growing workforce

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