Robert talks about Electric Vehicle breakdown with ERS

Robert finds out how and why specific electric vehicle breakdown is beneficial as more and more vehicles make the switch to electric.

With more and more electric vehicles hitting the road, breakdown and recovery services are having to make significant changes to meet the needs of these different vehicles. EV drivers need the reassurance that their breakdown and recovery service has the right knowledge, the right training and the right equipment to get customers back on the road. For example, if your EV has run out of battery, a charging van may be required as well as in-depth knowledge of the nearest charging points in the area.

In this final episode of the series, Robert speaks to Dave Burnet and Ben Johnson from the motor breakdown team at ERS The specialist motor insurer, to find out how they have transformed their breakdown product to meet the requirements of the specialist EV market. Their tailored service caters for specialist electric vehicles including supercars, converted classics, commercial and fleet vehicles.

ERS is the UK’s largest specialist motor insurer with over 70 years’ experience and teams of dedicated experts, working with UK motor brokers nationwide. Whilst most get their insurance through a website aggregator or comparison website, owners of supercars, classics, kit or specialist vehicles may need to speak to an insurance broker who, in turn speaks to a specialist insurer, like ERS.

If you’re a policy holder looking for specialist motor insurance, you can find local brokers on the BIBA website.

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