Robert talks about commercial electric vehicles with ERS

Robert finds out why commercial electric vehicles benefit from specialist motor insurance in the next episode in this series with ERS.

One of the biggest growth markets for electric vehicles is the commercial sector where going electric can result in huge cost savings for the business. Big companies such as Amazon are leading by example with their adoption of electric delivery vans but smaller businesses are now understanding the benefits too. From vans, buses and coaches, to taxis, catering trucks and even tuk-tuks, commercial vehicles are starting to make the move to electric.

Robert speaks to Mitul Malkan, Commercial Vehicles Product Manager for ERS The specialist motor insurer, to understand why bespoke specialist motor insurance is needed to meet the varied requirements of a wide range of both purpose built and after-market converted electric commercial vehicles.

ERS are is the UK’s largest specialist motor insurer with over 70 years’ experience and teams of dedicated experts. Whilst most get their insurance through a website aggregator or comparison website, owners of supercars, classics, kit or specialist vehicles may need to speak to an insurance broker who, in turn speaks to a specialist insurer, like ERS.

If you’re a policy holder looking for specialist motor insurance, you can find local brokers on the BIBA website.

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