Massive Wind, Naughty Hybrids & A Beefy LEAF

Robert’s back with his reactions to recent news stories including the massive wind power announcement from the UK government and also an update on our Electric Drive-In.

Robert’s back with his reactions to a selection of recent news stories, a brief update on our Electric Drive-In as well as some breaking news of the UK’s plans for wind farms to power every home by 2030.

Also covered in this episode is Norway’s electric car sales domination, the discontinuation of the Mitsubishi i-MiEV, which was pivotal in the early days of Fully Charged, and news of a beefed-up Nissan LEAF designed to support emergency situations in disaster areas!

Don’t worry though, as well as positive news stories about new electric estate cars and electric coaches there is a dedicated section for Robert to rant about a new proposed coal mine in Cumbria!

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0:00  Electric Drive-In Outdoors
1:29  Massive Wind or Big Bluster?
4:33  Electric Car Crazy in Norway & Naughty Hybrids
8:22  Road runs out for Mitsubishi iMiEV
9:35  Beefy LEAF from Nissan
12:02  Cumbrian Coal Mine
14:32  MG’s Electric Estate Car
16:03  Electric Coaches in Scotland
17:02  Nikola Trucks & Scania’s Electric Truck
19:53  Delivery Drones
21:33  Subscribe & Support

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