Honda E-Cubs – How many could we convert to electric?

Elliot takes the Honda e-Cub for a spin and finds out how these classic bikes are getting an electric makeover.

Elliot visits SHANGHAI CUSTOMS who have taken one of the biggest selling bikes in the world and electrified it. There are over 100 million Honda Cub bikes in existence, and now it’s possible to convert these to electric in a day!

The Honda e-Cub is a cross between a scooter and a motorbike and its pretty awesome to drive. In cities with a high density of two-wheeled transport, could EV conversion by the way forward in accelerating transition? What’s clear is that converting the Honda Cub has given this bike a new lease of life but begs the question why Honda aren’t doing this themselves.

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0:00 Introduction
0:47 1958
1:08 Easy rider
1:21 Shanghai Customs
1:42 Buzzing bikes
1:57 DIY conversion
2:04 Stripped back
2:28 Comfy seat
2:58 Watch out!
3:18 Really cool
3:26 100 million!
4:07 Nice & chunky
4:24 Boost button
4:39 Done in a day
5:17 Time for a facelift
5:34 Cost?
6:01 Range & speed
6:39 Going global
7:40 What’s going on Honda?
8:10 Support & join

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