E-Cargo Bikes & Last Mile Deliveries

Helen finds out more about e-cargo bikes and if they could be the delivery solution for high streets in this new episode.

Helen heads to the London village of Barnes to find out how local independent shops are partnering with Ginger Town to use Tern e-cargo bikes for local deliveries. As more and more villages, towns and cities look for ways to reduce the number of vehicles on their streets, could the E-Cargo Bike offer the perfect solution to small scale cargo transport? These electro assist bikes might be small and nimble, but can also hold a fair amount of delivery stock and could be part of the answer to making high street shops more accessible.

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0:00  welcome to Barnes
0:27  are e-cargo bikes the future for deliveries?
1:11  digital high streets
1:44  bringing the high street to your door
2:09  Ginger Town partnership
2:21  what is an e-cargo bike?
3:31  Tern GSD e-cargo bike
3:55  big panniers
4:42  on your bike!
5:12  delivery costs
5:47  reviving the high street?
6:43  transport space sharing
8:17  quick, efficient & emission free deliveries
8:39  e-bike friction?
10:05  shared transport to save on costs
11:05  more people want to cycle
12:24  smaller, cleaner vehicles needed
12:58  last mile delivery solution
13:49  more e-cargo bikes!!

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