Charley Boorman runs through the features of his awesome Harley-Davidson Livewire and Andy Torbet tries out the Zero SR/F in this new episode.

We’ve wanted to cover electric motorbikes for some time now and in this episode have struck gold with two of the best bikes reviewed by two of the best riders.

Charley Boorman is no stranger to epic motorbike journeys, most recently on a Harley-Davidson Livewire with Ewan McGregor in their Long Way Up adventure. Now with an electric Harley of his own he runs us through the features of this magnificent bike as he rides it through the beautiful Surrey Hills.

Also a long-time motorbike fan, Andy Torbet takes out the impressive Zero SR/F bike, very kindly loaned to us by English Electric Motor Company, to see how it stacks up against the Harley.

Which would you choose?

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English Electric Motor Company.

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