Robert gets a glimpse of the future that is happening right now as he visits GRIDSERVE’s electric forecourt in this world exclusive episode.

This is the future, now! Robert gets a world exclusive first look at GRIDSERVE’s awesome electric forecourt, before it opens next week. It’s the first of its kind in the UK, the first of one hundred. The forecourt can charge 36 cars simultaneously with a variety of rapid chargers, while drivers and passengers utilise the retail and food facilities at their leisure. What makes this off-the-scale amazing though is that all of the power to charge these EVs comes from sustainable energy, including a 60 acre solar farm, and all surplus energy for the Electric Forecourt goes back into the grid.

Their big plans don’t end there though, as part of the ambition to make the transition to EVs as easy as possible, GRIDSERVE are launching their own EV leasing service. We love everything about this and cannot wait to see what GRIDSERVE do next!

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0:00  Absolutely incredible
1:17  Look at all the chargers!
1:36  Grand entrance
2:22  Exclusive preview
2:27  Building site beginnings
2:52  What inspired GRIDSERVE?
3:36  Moving the needle
4:28  Powered by renewables
5:04  Low cost solar & batteries
5:27  60 acre solar farm
6:00  Net Zero
6:10  Huge battery storage
7:33  Wide range of chargers
8:13  Charging options for all EVs
9:03  Payment systems
9:53  Charging costs
10:40  The World has changed
11:49  Charging miles per minute
12:23  Balancing the grid
13:49  Start spreading the news
14:00  Car leasing services
15:52  A lot of trees
16:40  First of 100
17:39  Not too shabby!
18:03  Just genius
18:23  Subscribe, support, join

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