Urban Electric pop-up chargers

No driveway? No problem – on-street car charging with Robert.

A common issue for people wanting to use electric vehicles is that many households don’t have off-street parking to allow for EV charging. Which begs the question “How to charge an EV on street?” Robert Llewellyn visits a residential street in Oxford to see what Urban Electric are doing to answer this with their ingenious and unobtrusive electric vehicle charging street furniture…. pop-up chargers no less!

They are launching a network of these pop-up charging hubs in a “living laboratory” trial scheme on this suburban street. These Urban Electric chargers can provide electricity at 7kW which whilst not rapid charging, is more than enough for most destination and overnight charging. Robert went to take a look and charge up his EV on what turned out to be one of the hottest days ever recorded in the UK (hence some technical issues with the sound recording equipment, apologies for the occasional drop out of the audio).

And in case you’re wondering….
*The cable locks at both ends while the vehicle is charging*