Episode 6: Living with an electric car

In this final episode, Maddie catches up with Robert about her experiences with getting an electric car.

In this final episode of Fully Charged Show’s 6 part series “Maddie Goes Electric” – a beginner’s guide to electric cars, Maddie Moate chats with Robert Llewellyn to share her experiences of getting and living with her first electric car.

Robert (a long-time electric vehicle driver) wants to know:

  • How easy was it to rapid charge the Kia e-Niro on a long journey?
  • Why did Maddie choose to call her new electric car Robert?!
  • What was Maddie’s biggest gripe with driving an EV?
  • Would Maddie ever go back to driving a petrol/gas vehicle?
  • What advice would Maddie give other people looking to get their first electric car?

Many of our viewers already ‘drive electric’, power their homes with clean energy etc. and many are looking to ‘go electric’.But if like our presenter Maddie Moate (science communicator & BAFTA-winning presenter) you’re interested in electric cars, but don’t know where to start, this is the series for you!

And if you already know everything there is to know about electric vehicles, then please share this beginner’s guide to electric cars with your friends and family.

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