All At Sea

Helen uses the example of life at sea to give us all some tips on how to cope in the lockdown. Welcome to a Coronavirus advice themed episode of The Fully Charged Show! If you’re feeling all at sea, Helen Czerski brings us a little insight into how scientists cope with lockdown, in this case coping with life at sea.

Helen, a physicist, oceanographer and broadcaster, is accustomed to the issues of claustrophobia and frustration during long journeys in seemingly difficult conditions so she’s able to bring her unique insights into ways of coping with lockdown, what’s really important and the benefits of trying to see opportunity in abnormal conditions. She also covers the value of defining a good work-life boundaries, talking to people, giving yourself time to get things done and “finding joy in the small things”.

If you’d like to learn more about Helen’s experiences, you can read all about it on her blog:

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