The ELECTRIC Solar Powered Boat that NEVER Needs Charging!!

Andy and Imogen went to visit the team behind a solar powered boat to truly find out how efficient and practical they are.

The Mediterranean is home to over 300 days of sunshine per year as well some of the world’s most sensational boats. In 2014 Silent Yachts, often thought of as the Tesla of the boating world, saw an obvious opportunity. Boat + Sun + Solar Panels = No Brainer!

Andy Torbet and Imogen Pierce went to visit the team to see how practical a solar powered yacht is in practise, understand why they can’t just use wind and also to enjoy a little taste of luxury..!


01:23 See you there!
02:04 A World First!
02:55 What are Silent Yachts?
03:29 Why Not Wind?!!
04:34 How Much Power from the Sun?!
05:16 Time for a Tour!
06:00 How Much Does the Boat Use?!
07:30 Designed from the Ground Up!
09:40 What’s the Range?
10:23 Expensive?!
11:44 Waterproof Batteries
12:18 A Little Caveat
12:37 Another World First!
13:20 Will Solar be the Mainstream Solution?
14:27 We’re Back on Land!

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