Podcast 192

New vs Old – is this an ‘existential’ battle for car companies? with Dan Caesar

This week’s podcast sees Robert joined by Fully Charged’s CEO Dan Caesar to discuss the fascinating and rapid changes taking place in the global automotive industries and the growing emergence of new car companies .

Picking up where his recent blog left off (see link below) and covering all the current dominant, emerging and potentially dying car brands, Dan poses questions like “Are the legacy OEMs already powerless to compete?”, “Is 2023 the start of a new manufacturing race?”, “Will Chinese EVs be coming sooner than we think?” and “How many luxury SUV customers can there really be?” – BMW, Audi, and Mercedes appear to believe there are lots!

We also get lots of updates about who’ll be at this year’s Fully Charged LIVE events!

Read Dan’s blog.

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New Car Companies – New vs Old – is this an 'existential' battle for car companies? with Dan Caesar
The Fully Charged Podcast

Podcast 192

January 23, 2023

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