Podcast 262

Possibly The Best Car EV Made with Ricky Roy

Showcasing our second (digital) fireside chat from our recent Everything Electric LONDON expo, in this week’s podcast episode Robert speaks with Ricky Roy, Fully Charged’s ‘man in America’!

Ricky recently got his hands on the new Cybertruck, (that episode is over on our Fully Charged SHOW channel), and when he’s not driving the latest and greatest EVs, he’s engineering his house into the home of the future!

The pair also discuss the imminent tidal wave of Chinese cars about to hit US shores and what that means, as well as how our respective countries are managing with all the media FUD.

And as a little bonus, we’ve also included Ricky’s podcast with Elliot Richards from last year’s Fully Charged LIVE event in Farnborough for those who missed that, or who would like to listen to it again.

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Possibly The Best Car EV Made with Ricky Roy
The Fully Charged Podcast

Podcast 262

April 15, 2024

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