The Tesla Model S Rival That Costs Model 3 Money!

Jack has been driving the only Xpeng P7 in the UK, to find out how this Chinese EV will fare when European deliveries begin later this year.

With staggeringly impressive software, surprisingly good handling and some seriously funky doors, is this the best car we’ve seen from China yet?


0:00 Befriending the locals
1:43 Xpeng arrives in Europe
2:18 Exterior walkaround
4:06 Those doors…
5:11 Annoying charge port and boot
6:08 Porsche engineered
7:49 Spooky software
9:04 Range and efficiency
11:12 Interior review
14:21 Back seat Jack test
14:49 Legacy car makers beware…
16:01 I wasn’t ready!!

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