XPENG P5 – The sub 20k Electric Cars are coming!

Elliot takes the hotly anticipated Xpeng P5 on a road trip to the Great Wall of China to find out if this new electric super saloon could be the best value EV on the market.

Sitting somewhere between Xpeng’s G7 smart SUV and their luxurious P7, the P5 is a capable, comfortable and, most importantly, affordable electric car making it accessible to the masses. Whilst the design is more generic and lacks the finesse of the P7, this car is packed full of impressive technology that you wouldn’t expect for such a bargain price.

The P5 also offers some unusual, fun features including the ability to make the entire car into a bed and watch films on a projector screen, oh and a built in fridge! If this car comes to Europe, and we hope it will, it has the potential to completely transform the EV market.


0:00 Introduction
1:46 Great Wall hike
3:14 EV for everyone
4:06 Unique features
5:18 BTS lunch
5:42 Walkaround
6:50 Gubbins in the back
7:38 Packed with tech
8:00 Price
8:31 Hit the highway
10:23 Car into bed
12:14 Drive in movie
14:00 Range/battery
15:00 New kid on the block
15:52 Acres of leg room
16:41 Same, same but different
18:27 Solar roof
19:40 What do we think?

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