VW’s New Sub-£30k Electric Hot Hatchback!

Jack takes a look around the first ever VW GTI-badged EV, the ID GTI Concept.

Based on the £25,000 ID.2, this car promises to bring affordable driving thrills to the electric era, just as its GTI-badged predecessors have done for ICE power since the 1970s.

But is it the real deal or, like so many performance-badged EVs, is this merely an aesthetic upgrade?


0:00 Intro
01:39 We owe it to GTI
02:40 Design details
04:03 Wheel design
04:49 What we know so far…
05:23 Rear
06:03 Incoming interior
06:40 Revamped interface
07:12 Fun concept features
08:35 VW might be onto something

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