VW ID.4 Sneak Peek: Will it outsell the ID.3?

We sent Chelsea along to the US launch of the ID.4 to get her first impressions of this new EV offering from Volkswagen.

VW might be in the early stages of electrification but they already have another new EV coming to the market – the ID.4. The ‘big brother’ to the ID.3 was recently launched in the US and we sent Chelsea Sexton along to find out more about this new compact SUV. Chelsea was able to take the car for a short, stealth test and was impressed. VW will be mass producing the ID.4 along with the ID.3 but at present, has no plans to bring ID.3 to North America. Is that a mistake?


0:00  Introduction
0:49  Setting the record straight
1:57  ID.3’s big brother
2:20  ID.4 – what we know so far
3:06  Chelsea goes to US press launch
4:10  Partnering to enable transition to EVs
5:20  Chelsea’s secret drive
6:21  Strongest creep!
8:05  Coming in early 2021
9:48  Dieselgate still on the table
11:00  VW going electric
13:20  Will Dieselgate affect sales?
14:07  Watch, subscribe, support

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