VW ID.3 Pro S Range Test – How many miles can it really do?

Robert takes the ID.3 Pro S on a road trip to see if the long range version of this popular EV is worth the extra money.

Robert has been a fan of the ID.3 since he was the first British journalist to drive it in South Africa a few years ago. It was a game changer car then, and remains so today, but is the Pro S long range model worth investing the extra money in? Robert takes it on a road trip to find out.

The ID.3 Pro S comes with a 77 kWh battery delivering an impressive range of around 280-300 miles on a single charge making it comparable with the long range Tesla Model 3. But here’s the question – how many times do you drive 280 miles in a single journey?

The ID.3 is efficient, easy to drive and Robert even prefers it over the Hyundai Kona (don’t tell Mrs L), but would the standard model with the smaller, cheaper battery suit the majority of people better? One thing is for certain, the ID.3 remains an incredibly impressive EV.


0:00 ID.3 Special
0:40 Blown away
1:30 Glitchy software
2:35 Long drive
4:05 Off we go
4:27 Comfort break
5:38 Crew camera fitting
6:00 Game changer
7:03 Tight tandem
7:48 Range talk
9:26 Electric experience
10:42 Who needs a car like this?
11:07 Weather dependent
11:33 Model 3 comparison
13:30 Auto slowing
14:02 Kona comparison
15:29 Couldn’t be bothered!
15:59 Is bigger better?
16:34 Speed stats
17:23 Delight to drive
18:44 Subscribe, support, join

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