Volvo XC40 First Drive – Old Dog, New Tricks? Or Best of Breed?

Robert takes the Volvo XC40 out for a drive but what will he think of this new luxury, family compact SUV? And why is it full of dogs?

We wanted to show you how the Volvo XC40 P8 Recharge is the perfect school run car, but due to restrictions we had to replace school children with some very well behaved dogs instead!

The XC40 P8 Recharge might be big and heavy, but it also has the stability and safety you would expect from Volvo. Despite being a 5-seater family car it offers some serious performance with a decent range and the ability to rapid charge.

There’s nothing wrong with it, its a joy to drive, but it’s expensive and when you consider the petrol version is around half the price you have to wonder why they can’t make the electric model more affordable.


0:00 Dogs!
1:03 School run car
2:34 Dog introductions
3:08 Unexpected Hector
3:34 Back to the car
4:27 S’alright
4:41 Odd pricing
5:34 Triple charging
6:43 Battery/Range
7:25 Charging
9:20 Joy to drive
9:42 Super boot
10:37 Tow-tastic
11:42 Where are the miles?
12:02 Google says no
13:00 Nice interior
14:55 Electric in mind
16:14 Fast car
17:09 Volvo safety
17:49 Rocked out
18:20 Funky frunk
19:32 Solid
20:09 Comfy back
21:36 Double the cost
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