VinFast VF8 – Is This The Best Affordable Electric Car You’ve Never Heard Of?

Ricky heads to Vietnam to find out if the VinFast VF8 is the affordable electric car we have all been waiting for.

The VF8 is a leading example of what can be achieved with electric car design when you get to start with a blank page. Ricky is in Vietnam to check out the country’s first ever electric vehicles from VinFast, a new company, making new cars and changing the rules.

With ambitions to take their electric cars global and strong backing from the VinGroup to make this happen, could VinFast be the affordable EV that will allow more people to make the switch?

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0:00 Something from nothing
1:22 Happening Vin’FAST’
2:15 Walkaround
4:08 A look inside
5:18 Super spacious
7:00 What it is & isn’t
8:18 Coming to the US
9:15 Home automation
10:46 Infotainment goals
11:35 Charging
12:11 Concluding thoughts

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