Vauxhall Mokka e – is 2021 the year for electric cars like this?

Robert gets a sneak peak of the new Vauxhall Mokka e in this new episode and while he couldn’t drive it, he was pretty impressed!

We might be back in another aircraft hangar for this episode to look at a new electric car, but this time we were allowed to touch it! The Mokka-e from Vauxhall is their new electric version of their popular Mokka model which is also available as a petrol and diesel version. It’s a compact SUV, but a small one, with interesting design details and a really appealing look. This is a pre-production model so we couldn’t try out all the features but it’s a great example of how electric cars are getting better and we’re sure this will be popular when it’s launched next year. After this sneak peek we’re looking forward to taking the Mokka-e for a spin in the new year.


0:00  First look
0:28  All hands on the Mokka!
1:04  Hey good looking
1:13  Interesting design
1:38  Battery & range
2:12  Pre-production model
2:54  Lights, lights, lights
3:15  Charging
3:35  Back seat driver
4:00  Inside insight
4:52  Flashy wheels
5:08  What does it cost?
6:28  A car for the youngsters?
6:51  A sign of the times
7:08  An EV for the mass market
7:37  Test drive next year

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