The Jaguar I-Pace has had a refresh so Robert took it out for a drive to find out what’s been updated and visit the first site of the Ecotricity x GRIDSERVE collaboration.

We took a fresh look at the refreshed Jaguar I-PACE and remembered exactly how good it is. If you absolutely must drive a premium SUV, then we’d recommend giving this the once over.

And while you’re here, we headed to the first site of the Ecotricity x GRIDSERVE collaboration that is set to – at long last – make motorway EV driving as simple as it always should’ve been.


0:00 Refreshed I-PACE
1:56 EV Giveaway
2:36 I-Pace history
3:56 Brilliantly built
4:11 Batteries & range
4:33 Price
5:08 Super sales
6:08 SUV rant
7:02 Chargers of dreams
8:49 Charging choices
9:49 Inside tech
10:51 Physical knobs
11:48 Nice view!
12:17 Camera cleaning
12:55 Entertainment systems
14:11 High quality
15:00 Awesome mirrors
15:53 Off we go
16:45 Subscribe, support, join

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