Tyre Particulates – The Secret Pollution That All Cars Are Guilty Of

Helen explores the hidden pollution of tyre particulates and why electric vehicles need to look at non-exhaust emissions in this new episode.

We’ve been thinking about tailpipe emissions for a long time now, but what about non-exhaust emissions coming from tyres, brakes and dust on the road?

Helen visits Imperial College in London to find out more about tyre pollution and why electric vehicles, even without an exhaust pipe, are causing other emissions we can’t just ignore. While this is a complicated subject, it’s important to understand the problems we are generating so we can try and reduce them. We need to change both what we drive and the way we drive, but is it really possible to re-invent the wheel?

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0:00 Introduction
1:13 Non-exhaust emissions
2:30 Hard to measure
3:34 What we know now
5:47 What about EVs?
7:39 How dangerous?
9:10 Heavy vehicles
9:53 Re-inventing the wheel
13:47 Collect & recycle
15:18 Weight matters
16:05 What can we do?

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